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about us history
The founder of the Mainstream Bible Outreach Society, Mark Smith, read the Bible earnestly for the first time at age 35.

A simple passing comment made by an acquaintance had led him to read the New Testament. Initially Mark struggled with understanding an older translation he had once received.

Then he found a modern language translation of the Bible that had been given to his family some time before by a friend, who Mark found out later was also praying for them.

Over many weeks of persevering in reading the New Testament a gradual awakening occurred. Finally one day, while reading the Letter to the Ephesians, Mark had the most dramatic experience of his life.

Mark describes it this way, "I wasn't looking for anything. I just felt I should read the New Testament myself. But after some time in reading it, I met Him there, in those holy words.

Suddenly, I saw clearly. Jesus is real! He is God...and He wants to know me. In that instant I powerfully felt His Spirit with me. That is how I know Him, for sure. And He changed me."

"Now each day when I seek Him, through the scriptures and prayer, He is still here with me, helping me know God and be with Him. The words of the Bible continue to have deeper meaning each day. I thought I was happy before, but nothing in life can come close to this great eternal blessing, and it can be found by anyone, right in God's living Word!"

Mark began to carry the Bible with him to read. He purchased pocket size New Testaments, because they were handy to carry. But he also found himself giving them away when people shared their lives with him.

Through these experiences Mark became convicted to encourage the public in a widespread manner to simply read the great gift of God's Word, and to make this easy to do by also freely giving complete NIV New Testaments.

Ultimately he started Mainstream Bible Outreach Society, which was incorporated in 2004 in the State of Kansas and received status as a nonprofit 501(c)3 in 2005.*

Since then, the MBOS messages have reached well over a million people over 250,000 individuals have received their own free copy of God's Word.

Mark prays that others will join in this powerful and simple goal, to help freely give the complete modern New Testament to the American public.

(*Mark receives no compensation from MBOS)